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UDIMAF was founded by Laura Aboli in May 2020, to inspire and assist change in society as a direct response to the way events surrounding the global pandemic were affecting people’s livelihoods, mental health and behaviour. As a successful entrepreneur with a background in intelligence and information gathering, Laura felt the urge to do something to counteract the fear and the mind control that was leading people to willingly accept the unacceptable:- the loss of freedom, the restriction of civil rights and the imposition of a ‘new normality’ based on separation, alienation, disconnection and total control.

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UDIMAF’s mission is as complex as it is simple; we hope to awaken humanity to its own power,

to its unique and divine potential, and to raise awareness to the reality that a better world is possible

and within our reach. We must simply dare to dream it, speak it, and action it. We dare. Do you?

We must remove the veil of deception, we must reject the illusion of separation and

we must claim back our strength, our will, our inspiration and our truth.

We must never allow fear to dictate our lives, our choices, or our liberties.

Only when we are afraid, do we allow for things to be imposed upon us that we would have otherwise

never accepted. Instead, let’s reclaim our full potential in alignment with nature

and create a system based on truth, faith and freedom.

Alone we are powerful but together we are absolutely invincible.

Let’s get together and start manifesting a better reality for all.

JOIN US NOW, together everything is possible.


About: About Us
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Join us in creating a vision of a new world where health is not in the hands of
corporations, where education is not dictated by politics and where the economy is based on the premise of abundance and not on a fabricated illusion of scarcity.


Join us in empowering our collective potential through education,

inspiration, cooperation and love.

Join us in creating a world where we can thrive through cooperation.

Join us in sharing our positive energy for the betterment of everyone.


A world with one race: the human race.

A world with one frequency: love.

A world with one purpose: the enjoyment of life in harmony with all living things.

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